Kibaku Fuda XL

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Our Kibaku Fuda (Explosive) Tag is one of the most popular tags in our line up and from a ton of feedback given by you all, you wanted to see it in a much larger design. 

We've now increased it to about 45% larger!  Perfect for your bag, luggage or hanging on your rear view mirror.  

This XL tag has the same seal design on both sides. 

**photo is of 1 tag with the same design on both sides.  The larger tag is what you get.  One of the images shows the smaller original tag for size comparison only. **


 6.5cm x 13cm 

Every key needs a keychain right?

We create products through a considered design process, remixing pop culture moments.

The result: wearable iconography that makes you feel some type of way.

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