Bulls vs Celtics by MXPC

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Bulls vs Celtics 

While these colour schemes seem normal to us, the first pair of Jordan 1 precursers were banned on the court back in the 1980s because it didn't adhere to uniform guidelines! Can anyone even imagine what the sneaker world would be like if the Jordan brand never came to be?

Born and raised in Toronto, Leanne explores illustration under the alias MXPC (which is just an abbreviation of her last name), where she manifests your favourite things into stickers, pins and prints. Leanne loves to travel, read books, and casually shoot film. 

**photo is of 1 tag which shows side A & B**


2.75" x 3" 

Every key needs a keychain right?

We create products through a considered design process, remixing pop culture moments.

The result: wearable iconography that makes you feel some type of way.

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