First Form Desk Rug

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We're expanding our desk rug collection with this subtle design. IYKYK. This is our first time combining two styles… embroidery and chenille, literally the first of its kind.

Please note that tis is NOT a full size rug that you put on your floor.  This is a product that we call a "desk rug" (a name we made up).  What is a "desk rug"?? It's a decretive piece you put on your desk, a modern day doily if you will.  You can put your toy figure on it, your keys, your jewellery or just have it on it's own.  It is 8 inches in diameter and double sided so the images you see are Side A and B


8"x8" <- inches, NOT feet. 

Every key needs a keychain right?

We create products through a considered design process, remixing pop culture moments.

The result: wearable iconography that makes you feel some type of way.

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