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Season 2 - YYZ "Crew Love" Mini Tag


A while back we created a special colorway that was only available for our friends and family and we called it our "Crew Love" Tag.   We decided to bring it back but this time offer it for the public as you all have supported and shown us so much, love.  We've updated the design to go along with our Season 2 collection.  

YYZ "Crew Love" Mini Tag 

Make your baggage easier to locate with this stylish travel tag. It's a double-sided, high quality woven tag, with a stainless steel ring that you can attach to your keys, luggage, bag, and jacket. 


 3 1/2" x 1 1/8"

Shipping and handling

1 week within Canada

2-3 weeks within the United States

3+ weeks on all international countries