Season 2 - YYZ “2019” Mini Tag
Season 2 - YYZ “2019” Mini Tag
Season 2 - YYZ “2019” Mini Tag


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Season 2 - YYZ “2019” Mini Tag

Toronto Raptors are going to the NBA Finals! this tag is inspired by the Toronto Raptors white and gold uniform. Represent Toronto with "2019" Mini Tag. 

Make your baggage easier to locate with this stylish luggage tag. It's a double sided, high quality woven tag, with a gold ring. A mini tag that fits perfect on your keychain, but still looks great on a bag, luggage, jacket, especially on bomber jackets and zipper pulls! 


 3cm x 9cm

Shipping and handling

1-2 week within Canada

2-3 weeks within the United States

3+ weeks on all international countries