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N/A Stock Company will now be posting on our blog. Although blogging is very new to us, we want you to get to know us.  We will start by posting monthly. We hope to talk about our business ventures, travel, fashion, and all that inspire us. All our tags getting retired are vaulted into the "Chamber of Tags"

For June we did a "Canada 150" tag. Happy 150th Birthday Canada! We made a limited edition "Canada 150 Tag" with only 150 tags available. We sold all 150 "Canada 150" tags, and even made it to our first blog with www.sidewalkhustle.com. Article can be read here


Thank you to all our customers, and thanks for representing Canada and showing off this tag on your instagram. Some awesome photos we saw on instagram were



the #yyztag collection 💕 #missingBlue | big thanks to @nastockcompany! #crewlove #nastockcompany

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Tag us on instagram or facebook, so we can see your photos! please leave any questions or comments below on what you guys want to hear from us next!  

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